Happy Families Sharing Stories

If you are thinking about adopting a new member into your family and need a little peace of mind about our agency, listen to what our A Guardian Angel families have to say:

“We first heard about A Guardian Angel through our church. Many of our close friends had told us how blessed they felt by this agency. So we started the process with Guardian Angel in winter of 2012 and were chosen mid summer 2012. From day one starting our paperwork everything went so smoothly with AGAA. I had no idea what to expect and was quite nervous about the unknown but AGAA took all my worries away! The short wait seemed like forever but AGAA was just a phone call away to ease the anxiety! When we were chosen AGAA was so supportive of us and the birth mom. I think what I loved the most if how they served our birth mom in such a emotional time. AGAA was with us every step of the way and they truly made our adoption a joyful experience. I am so thankful to AGA making it possible to bring our sweet boy home!”

Ronnie + Ashley


A Guardian Angel had helped us become a family three times. Each time they facilitated a beautiful experience. The last adoption was not planned. Our birth mother became pregnant again and we were contacted. The agency worked tirelessly with us to make the miracle of our daughter come to fruition. We have been able to connect with each birth mother in a way that will be valuable to our children as they grow without the efforts of our adoption counselors, we would have missed a true blessing of God.

Luke + Char


“We began our adoption journey very excited & maybe a bit naïve. We truly appreciate every single staff member encountered with A Guardian Angel because they were so eager to answer questions, give advice and & support throughout the newborn adoption process. Our case worker & many others went above and beyond repeatedly for us. We cannot imagine better care from an agency. We also appreciate the care and support they showed our birth family. We would whole heartedly recommend them to our closest friends & family. Several of their staff members have a very special place in our hearts and we will not hesitate to contact them again when the time is right for our new little family. It’s crazy for us to say “our family” because thanks to A Guardian Angel, that’s what we have become, a family. A Guardian Angel helped our dream come true.”

Damien + Amanda


“There isn’t a better name to describe the love and care we experiences throughout our two adoptions than Guardian Angel. Everyone we encountered from the initial intake to the wonderful team that walked us through the adoptions to the financial groups were kind, considerate and loving. We always felt well cared for and communicated with, informed and confidant in the adoption process. They became friends and shared in two of our most memorable life experiences. Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Guardian Angel to anyone.”

Wade + Melanie


“When we embarked on our journey to adopt a newborn baby girl, we were encouraged but also told that it could take 1.5 to 2.0 years to be matched so please be patient. Little did we know that when we chose A Guardian Angel Adoptions as our out-of-state adoption agency, we would have the opportunity to hear about and be presented to multiple birth mothers until matched, have access to a team of specialists, once matched, to walk us through every detail from financial and legal requirements to where to stay and what to do when in Utah, and to be connected to a wonderful case worker that would hand hold us through every step and every nuance straight up until we got the green light to book our flights home. It didn’t take 1.5 to 2 years – only 9.5 months from approved application to returning home with our beautiful baby girl, Talia. Ironically, just as long as a natural pregnancy!”

Ron + Barri


“As first time adoptive parents, we could not have hoped for better guides than the team at A Guardian Angel. The extravagant care they showed us, our new son Luke, and his birthmother was both personal and professional. From start to finish, they helped make our adoption experience something we will always cherish, taking care of all the details so that we could focus on loving Luke. It was very clear to us that God is truly building families at A Guardian Angel.”

Warren + Angie
First Time Adoptive Parents