Does it Cost Money to Put a Baby up For Adoption?

One of the questions we frequently hear from women facing an unplanned pregnancy is “How much does putting my baby up for adoption cost?” 

At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, all our services are free to expectant mothers who have chosen adoption! Legal aid, financial assistance for living expenses and coverage of medical costs are only a few of our free resources. 

How it works:

We work with lawyers in each state to make sure expectant mothers are receiving the fullest benefits available to them. If a mother needs more support than her state offers, we will cover moving expenses to our Utah location. From there, we can provide housing, counseling, food and pregnancy-related necessities at no cost to the mother. An experienced personal case manager will also be available every step of the way to provide transportation and emotional support. Our highest priority is to make sure every woman in our care feels safe, comfortable and supported.

When an expectant mother chooses the family she wants to adopt her baby, her expenses are covered by the family after the adoption finalization. 

After delivery and placement, birth mothers are welcome to stay in our housing for up to ten days while they recover (or longer if medically necessary). We then pay for her return home and send her with the financial adoption compensation allowed by the state for 6-8 weeks to help her get back on her feet while she recovers. If there is a need, we offer post-placement counseling and support from our 24/7 staff for the rest of a birth mother’s life. 

Adoption doesn’t have to be a journey made alone. As an expecting mother facing an unplanned pregnancy, finding free resources and support can be difficult. A Guardian Angel Adoptions provides the resources needed for expecting mothers considering adoption. From medical care and housing assistance to legal help and counseling, we offer support before, during and after your pregnancy. 

We honor you and your brave decision to explore adoption. Our resources are here to help you along the way. We promise to help carry your burden and to walk every step of your adoption journey with you.