Reasons for Adoption

expectant mother looking at ultrasound picture

There are many reasons why a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy would choose adoption for her baby. One factor that almost all women have in common is the desire she has to give her baby the kind of life that she cannot provide for him or her at the present time. However, there are more reasons than just this one that you might be facing as you consider adoption. 

Here are a few more reasons why women have chosen adoption with our A Guardian Angel Adoptions.

Giving Their Child a Better Life

Adoption is when a mother lovingly chooses a family to raise her child for her when she cannot. The adoptive family then takes the child into their family to raise and love them as their own. It is as hard and as beautiful as that.

One birth mother summed up her reasons for choosing adoption with this thought:

“I once heard a girl who had decided to parent her child say, “My baby’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” I believed her. But I wanted to ask, “Are you the best thing that could’ve happened to your baby?”…Had I loved my son any less—one ounce less—he would be with me now! My love for him was the only thing that could enable me to break my own heart. I didn’t just feel love; I did what love dictated.”

Lack of Family or Community Support

Expectant mothers also look at adoption for their child when they do not have the support they need in their families or community. We know you have many decisions to make in the next few months and we are here for you. We want you to know that you are never alone. Our commitment is to help you through this difficult time and to communicate your options. We have a deep love and respect for birth mothers and consider it a privilege to walk this path with you.

Many women facing an unexpected pregnancy find themselves in a difficult situation with many hard decisions ahead of them. Friends and family members may suggest parenting and maybe offer to help. Others suggest an abortion so that she can move on from her “burden” as quickly as possible. These very conversations may lead a mother to consider adoption as an option. 

She may feel uneasy about other’s suggestions and knows in her heart that she wants to give her child the opportunity to live a full and wonderful life, even if it means not being the one to experience all of it with them. Friends and family who wonder how she can “give her baby up” do not understand that adoption is not about giving anything up, but about giving more. Giving a child a life they might not otherwise have.

Lack of Financial Stability

An expectant mother may look at choosing adoption for her child because she has no way to financially support another person and meet their needs. She easily learns that all her dreams for her child are at an adoption agency. With an agency, hopeful adoptive parents are carefully screened for qualification to give her child everything she hopes for them. Some of those hopes may be a loving and stable home, a mother and a father, financial stability, a quality education, or recreational activities and lessons that help a child to pursue their own dreams and have many opportunities in life. We have many adoptive families who are all hoping, praying, and waiting to welcome a child into their home and family.

Lack of Resources

Whether it’s health issues that prevent them from nurturing a child, a young teen with a lack of experience, a woman in an abusive relationship, or a woman facing legal issues, there are many other reasons that an expectant mother considers adoption for her baby. A Guardian Angel Adoptions is ready to be by her side no matter the circumstances.

Resources Available at A Guardian Angel Adoptions

At A Guardian Angel, we have many birth mother services and resources that can give you the support you need. We have birth parent programs uniquely suited to all kinds of situations. We also have amazing staff members, many are adoptive moms or birth mothers themselves. Because of this, they feel a unique bond with you and a desire to help you have a positive outcome with your unplanned pregnancy.


Whether a woman is concerned about privacy, we offer safe and comfortable housing that is completely confidential. We have fully furnished apartments and condominiums that are safe and clean in areas near shopping centers and activities. Expectant mothers who find themselves in a homeless situation or do not have the financial means to raise a child at this time also consider adoption to get help with pregnancy-related expenses and find a family who is able to provide for her child.

Medical Care and Living Expenses

If a woman chooses to come to Utah, A Guardian Angel is allowed by law to cover all of the expenses of travel, living arrangements, and medical care. This means getting needed food and clothing, medications, and household necessities. We can also help with expenses for six weeks after returning home to help her get back on her feet.

Some women find they have the support they need where they are, or they cannot travel to us. We have out-of-state case managers who can come to them and we work with mothers to give them the care they need within the laws of their state.

Our staff wants you to have the best care available and a plan that fits your needs. At A Guardian Angel, we promise to be here for you from the first time you call throughout your adoption journey and beyond.