Honoring National Adoption Month: What A Guardian Angel is Most Thankful For

In 1976 National Adoption Week was announced in Massachusetts. This was the first time adoption was recognized and honored as people began to raise awareness of the need for adoptive families, the appreciation for birth mothers and more support for adopted children. In 1995 the observance expanded to include the entire month of November and since then National Adoption Month has evolved into what it is today. 

A Guardian Angel Adoptions became licensed as a full-service adoption agency in 2004 and since then has provided adoption services for many birth parents and adoptive parents. As adoptive mothers and now grandmothers, the directors of A Guardian Angel Adoptions, had a desire to share their love for expectant mothers, birth mothers, adopted children and adoptive parents by creating adoption processes that offer support and care throughout the adoption journey and beyond. 

Adoption Support Tailored to You

We understand that adoption is beautiful and wonderful but also comes with heartbreak. We know that each of our clients comes to us with their own stories and their own brokenness. Whether they be an expectant mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with little or no support or an adoptive family that has experienced infertility and road blocks as they have tried to have a family of their own, we can offer adoption services and support for you throughout your adoption journey. 

If you are an expectant mother, we offer housing, financial support, and adoption counseling as well as personalized adoption plans, created by you for you and your baby. We work with the most qualified adoptive parents in the country and have a careful screening process for each adoptive family. We also offer post placement care and support for you. 

If you are an adoptive parent, we offer help and support during your application and home study process as well as support during matching, meeting your expectant mother and throughout your hospital experience. A Guardian Angel Adoptions has a wide array of adoption services that we carry out with compassion, care, and concern for each client.

Sharing Our Gratitude for the Adoption Process

As we celebrate National Adoption Month, we wanted to take a moment to share with you, our past or future clients what we are grateful for. These are some thoughts from amazing members of the Guardian Angel team.

“The most rewarding part of working in the adoption field is giving expectant moms hope and love when they feel none exists. Lifelong friendships are made, and these women become part of our A Guardian Angel family.”

-Brit, Birth Mom Team

“I love how our team advocates for the expectations of prospective parents and honors the hopes of expectant parents—in a collaborative way—always with the best fit for the baby in mind.”

-Sara, Adoption Counselor Team

“I’m beyond grateful to work in this beautiful field of adoption. In a world that can be very selfish, I’ve never witnessed so much selflessness, love and sacrifice from anyone more than our birth families! It truly is a gift to see the genuine love shared between adoptive and birth families; it’s unlike anything most people get to see in this world.”

-Summer, Adoption Counselor Team

“Having been personally blessed by adoption with our son led me on a beautiful journey. I love working with and seeing families grow by also being blessed with the most selfless gift of all through adoption.”

-Jen, Adoptive Family Team

“Adoption is an amazing field to be involved in. Adoption is all about love. Love from the adoptive family who patiently waits for a baby, and love from the birth mother who wants a more secure and stable life for her baby. Through hardships and tears from both adoptive families and birth mothers, love wins, and lives are blessed because of adoption.”

-Milly, Adoption Counselor Team

“I am continually in awe by the courage and selflessness of expectant parents. It is an honor to help them along the way of their adoption journey.”

-Tara, Adoption Counselor Team

“What a great honor it is to watch God‘s plan at work. Two families with different heartaches come together to love and put the needs of a child they both love first.”

-Cindy, Birth Mom Team

“I love helping expectant mothers in some really rough situations find the best chance of a life they want for their baby, but can’t provide themselves …while at the same time blessing and completing a family who is more than ready and able to give this baby a life with all of the love and stability they so greatly need and deserve.”

-Cher, Birth Mom Team

“Adoption brought me the joy of motherhood and so much love for my birth mothers who courageously chose this path! I love birthmothers, adoptive families and am so grateful to be a part of A Guardian Angel Adoptions! It was my dream to help birth mothers in their unsettling situations and make dreams come true for adoptive families! My heart is full this day becoming a mom almost 25 years ago and creating A Guardian Angel Adoptions 16 years ago with my best friends!”

-Kim, Director

A Guardian Angel Celebrates Adoption

Over the last 16 years it has been our privilege to walk with our clients through the hard days and the good days. To create new families. Bigger and more wonderful families. Adoption is not about separation but about bringing two amazing families together! These wonderful people have now become part of our Guardian Angel Adoptions family. As you can see, we have much to be grateful for as we celebrate adoption and honor National Adoption Month.