How an Expectant Mother Can Explain Adoption to Others

Have you ever considered what you would do if you found yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy? Who would you go to for help? Would you feel comfortable talking about it? Are you aware of the options available to expectant mothers? Whether you don’t feel ready to take on the responsibility of caring for the child, are looking for support, or need someone to talk to, an adoption agency has many resources to educate expectant mothers about adoption and help them make the right choice for themselves and the child. A Guardian Angel Adoptions is a fully licensed adoption agency that can provide adoption resources like housing, clothing, groceries, medical assistance, adoption education, and counseling. The agency will take care of the birth mother’s adoption expenses and can help provide resources to choose the right adoptive parents, provide counseling, and more. If you are expecting and you feel adoption is the right choice, A Guardian Angel Adoptions will act as your guide throughout your adoption journey and will help you know how to talk about your choice when you feel ready. 

Take Control of the Conversation

We understand that it can be difficult for expectant mothers to explain their unplanned pregnancy to others who ask. It’s hard to know how much information to share and what to say. Remember that you have full control over the conversations you have. If you don’t feel comfortable answering questions that friends and family ask you, then don’t feel like you have to. You can politely tell them that you aren’t ready to answer those questions but appreciate their concern. You may receive unwanted opinions, and that’s okay too. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you have to recognize that most have never been in your position and don’t fully understand the decision you are making. While some comments may come off rude or insensitive, try to remind yourself that the people around you are trying to help or may be trying to understand better though their intentions come across differently. Expectant mothers might experience feelings of judgment when they are asked about their choice to place their child for adoption. Learning how to respond to insensitive comments and remain confident in your decision is essential. This comes from your commitment to doing what’s best for both you and the child, and it will take time. Learning to be confident in your decision will help others see that you are taking the situation seriously and are trying to do what you feel is best. 

Helping Others Understand

It can be difficult for others to express empathy towards your decision for adoption. It is a unique  concept for so many to  consider; thus, helping friends and family understand your adoption choice will take time. As you experience an unplanned pregnancy and make an adoption plan, you will begin to feel emotions of love, sacrifice, selflessness, and humility. Choosing adoption does not mean you are giving up. You are placing your baby with a family you have chosen and personally trust to love and care for your child. We recognize that you have chosen life for your child out of love, and you are also choosing adoption for your child out of love. If you feel misunderstood by your decision, let your reasoning behind choosing adoption, navigate how you answer people’s questions.

Remember that choosing whether or not to place a child for adoption is your decision, and you should carefully consider all of the options when first learning you’re expecting. If you feel that you are ready to take on such responsibility, then we hope you consider that as well. Our mission is to provide you with all of the resources possible to help you confidently make the right choice. At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we meet with you and discuss your needs, help you to explore the different kinds of adoptions (open, closed, etc.) and provide you with adoption resources so that you can remain focused on doing what’s best for you and your child and feel confident in your decision.

Expressing Confidence in Your Decision

As a birth mother, opening up about your adoption choice is unique to your situation. As you begin to open up more and share your feelings, it is important to express confidence in your commitment to your adoption plan.  Some may not understand your confidence or surety, so it is your responsibility to help educate them and help them to know how they can best support you in your decision. Most people ask questions because they are curious or, in a round-about way, want to know how they can help. Do your best to communicate with them. Try to surround yourself with supportive friends and family who will help you through your journey.

As you begin making your adoption plan, your adoption counselor and case manager will help you find the words to tell others how precious adoption is and how rewarding your adoption journey can be. A Guardian Angel Adoptions also has birth mothers that have experienced many of the same feelings and can share with you experience, knowledge, and peace. Those birth mothers would love to speak with you, answer your questions and offer you support. You will be provided with adoption assistance in all the areas of your life—physical, emotional, and spiritual if you want. You can be assured that the adoption agency will help you through this difficult time and be there for you.

Finding Peace in Your Adoption Journey

Finding peace in your adoption journey is possible. With the help of the agency’s staff and careful self-care, you can turn your unplanned pregnancy into an experience of peace and comfort as you choose your adoptive parents and get to know them. You can also decide how involved you would like to be in watching your child grow up. The staff at A Guardian Angel Adoptions treasures every adoption journey. It is our great blessing to view and participate in these extraordinary stories.

Please let our agency help you through this most difficult time and let us help you with these insensitive inquiries. Let us take care of your adoption expenses. Let us help you feel safe, loved, cared for, and protected as you prepare for your adoption journey. A Guardian Angel Adoptions looks forward with great pleasure to be the adoption agency you choose. We adore our expectant mothers and expectant parents. If you find yourself experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and need adoption assistance, please contact A Guardian Angel Adoptions.  We want to be there for you. Call us at 877-742-6435 or text us at 385-202-0094. We are here for you now, 24/7. Every journey has a story, and every story is priceless.