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Being pregnant, especially with an unplanned pregnancy, can be overwhelming with feelings of fear, loneliness, and uncertainty. Some of that fear and uncertainty can come from worries about the future. Do I have enough money to have this baby? How much will medical expenses be? What about my future after the baby? What about the baby’s future?

Those are some big questions, and that’s why we have some big answers. At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we believe that money shouldn’t keep you from considering adoption as an alternative to abortion. From medical care to educational assistance, we want to give you everything you need to get through this time in your life. You (and your baby) are not alone in this journey.

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Medical Care

Your medical needs are our top priority. During and after your pregnancy, we provide you with the medical care you need, including covering all your medical expenses.


Don’t let “Where can I go?” or “Where will I live?” hold you back from making the choice to place your baby for adoption: We offer free, safe, comfortable living arrangements for you during and for a short time after your pregnancy.

Legal Assistance

You also get to create an adoption plan for you and your baby. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with that too. We’ll also take care of the adoption-related legal expenses and advice for you.


We provide you with a Case Manager, someone who will be with you at every turn to provide love, support, and guidance whenever you need. And they can help you select a wonderful family for your baby from our carefully screened pool of families.


After your baby is placed with the family you’ve selected, you will have access to a direct helpline for questions or concerns. You may also choose to receive communications from your child’s adoptive family, which can include letters from the adoptive parents and pictures of your baby. This is all voluntary, so you have the freedom to choose what you want.

Educational Assistance

Sometimes an unplanned pregnancy, or an unwanted pregnancy, comes in the middle of your high school education. We don’t want you miss out on your education for making the choice to place your baby for adoption. Because of that, we provide you with an opportunity to earn your GED.

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Do you have more questions? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about concerns birth mothers have had before.

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Why we campaign for adoption

We organized A Guardian Angel and started campaigning for adoption after we all became adoptive parents. Needless to say, adoption has been a huge part of our lives from the very beginning. But we also realized that there is not as much support for birth mothers as we believe there should be. The choice to have a baby and place the baby for adoption should be the right of the birth mother, and if we can provide the support for the birth mother to make that choice for herself and for her child, then we will.

We fight to be guardian angels to those who want to make an adoption plan for their babies but don’t know how, don’t have the funds to do so, or don’t have the support from others in their lives (be that family, birth fathers, friends, or others). We have been greatly blessed by the number of people we’ve been able to help, and we are excited about the chance to offer so many services for free to more birth mothers.