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Birth father from an adoption case

Adoption with the birth father in mind

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Often, a birth father’s role is overlooked or forgotten in the adoption process. Learn more about how, when and why to include your baby’s father when you’re considering adoption. As a birth mother, it’s essential to understand how the father of your baby can be involved when you choose adoption. A Guardian Angel is here to help you find the…

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Birth mother checks a pregnancy test

The emotions of adoption: what to expect

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At A Guardian Angel, we’ll help you learn what emotions to expect during the adoption process and the most effective ways to manage them. Adoption is a significant decision—because of this, it’s normal to experience emotions that are difficult to understand or deal with as you take your first steps through this process. Understanding and anticipating common adoption emotions will…

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Adoption birth mother deals with postpartum depression

Recognizing and understanding postpartum depression as a birth mother

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Postpartum depression is a common disorder that develops after giving birth. Learn how to identify and manage the symptoms of postpartum depression in yourself when you’ve chosen adoption. As you consider or proceed with the adoption process, you will experience a wide range of emotions—but depression is not something you have to navigate alone. There are always people ready to…

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