The Emotions of Adoption: What to Expect

At A Guardian Angel, we’ll help you learn what emotions to expect during the adoption process and the most effective ways to manage them.

Adoption is a significant decision—because of this, it’s normal to experience emotions that are difficult to understand or deal with as you take your first steps through this process.

Understanding and anticipating common adoption emotions will help you better manage your feelings and expectations during this journey. If you’re considering adoption and feel overwhelmed by uncertainty or fear, there’s always help and hope waiting for you.

Fears before adoption.

It’s common for anxiety, uncertainty and confusion to be strong emotions when you’re contemplating adoption. A lot of these feelings come from fear of the unknown and concern about the future of your baby.

You can process these fears by educating yourself on the many positive aspects of adoption and the countless opportunities that this decision will open up for you and your baby. Remember that you’re never alone in this process. A Guardian Angel will always be there to support you.

Feelings during the adoption.

There may be times during the adoption process that you have second thoughts and begin to wonder if you’ve made the right decision. It’s extremely normal to feel fear and doubt after you’ve already decided on adoption.

When dealing with these overwhelming feelings, it can be comforting to read the stories of other women who have chosen the same course. This will help you understand that you are sharing the experience of countless birth mothers who have made the same selfless choice of adoption.

Emotions after adoption.

With the pressure of making decisions now over, you may experience feelings of guilt or regret about the adoption. These are completely natural emotions, but you don’t have to let them change your view of a choice that you already considered very carefully.

To better deal with these feelings, it helps to remember that you are giving your baby the opportunity to grow and enjoy a life that they might not have experienced otherwise. Thinking about how their life will flourish should help ease the negative feelings and turn your focus to more positive ones.

There’s help if you need it.

Although it’s always best to consult a counselor. If you are experiencing extreme emotions, you will manage these feelings much better if you can anticipate them and take active steps to address them. Only you know exactly what tools you need to progress positively—and A Guardian Angel is ready to provide them.

A Guardian Angel is always here to offer resources and help to both birth mothers and adoptive parents in any way that we can. Adoption is a wonderful and safe option. Let us help you experience it in a way that is as healthy and happy—just as it should be.

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