Understanding What My Child’s Life Will Be Like With Their Adoptive Family

As a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you have many choices to make and considerations about your life and the life of your precious unborn baby. Looking forward to the future as you weigh your options will help you make a plan that will best fit your situation as well as the hopes and dreams you have for your little one. As you weigh your options you can begin learning about the benefits of adoption and decide if adoption is right for you. 

As you gather  adoption information, you will learn about the kinds of adoption help offered for expectant mothers. You will also be able to learn how your adoption agency will help you find an adoptive family for your baby. You will then be able to begin to imagine what your child’s life will be like with their adoptive parents. We understand that as an expectant mother, finding a loving home for your baby is at the top of your priority list so we have included some tips here to help you as you search for the perfect adoptive parents for your baby. 

Working With An Adoption Agency

When you work with A Guardian Angel Adoptions, you have complete control over the type of adoptive family you choose for your baby. We know that as your baby’s mother you instinctively know what is best for him or her, as well as the kind of adoption that is best for you. However, we also understand that an unintended pregnancy can leave you feeling a little worried and overwhelmed. As an adoption agency, we promise to answer all of your questions as we walk the adoption journey with you. We will share our many years of experience with you and will help you explore your options and discover the things that are most important to you for you and your baby. As soon as you are ready to begin the selection process, you will meet with your adoption counselor and she will help you make a list of some of the most important desires you have for your adoptive family. You may then want to categorize what your top wishes and wants are. Which items are speaking to your heart? Which items are absolutes? 

Some of the items you may want to consider when looking for an adoptive family are:

  •  Would you prefer your child to be raised by a single mother, married couple, a couple with other children in the home or an adoptive family just starting out with no children?
  • The area of the county the adoptive parents live in?
  • If the family practices a religion and if so which religion?
  • Is the mother going to work outside of the home or be a stay at home mother?
  • What kinds of relationships does the family have with extended relatives?
  • What are the family’s beliefs about education?
  • How does the family celebrate holidays and traditions?
  • What are the family’s hobbies and what kind of an adoption is the family looking for? 

The Process of Selecting An Adoptive Family 

We also know that your child’s wellbeing is of the utmost importance to you. Please be assured, A Guardian Angel Adoptions only works with the best adoptive families. Every family has had a series of home visits by a licensed social worker, criminal background and child abuse clearances, medical checks, financial requirements, parenting classes as well as special adoption training. We also remain in close contact with our families after placement to make sure all is well. Once you have created your list you are well on your way to finding the adoptive family you have dreamed about for your baby. 

After our matching coordinator looks over the list you have created, she will find the families that match your criteria and gather the profiles books for you. When you receive your profile books you will be able to review each one and ask all the questions you may have about the potential adoptive families. You will then be able to narrow it down to some or one of them that you may want to interview over the phone. Don’t worry! We will be there for you on the call. You will never be alone. And remember the adoptive parents are nervous as well. They are about to have the most important phone call of their lives. After the call, if you feel good about moving forward with them, you will begin the matched phase of your adoption plan. You can now rest assured knowing you have the right family for your baby. You will be able to speak with them, meet them and include them in as much of your pregnancy and delivery experience as you are comfortable with. As you get to know your adoptive parents you will start to become familiar with their day to day lives and the picture of your child’s future will begin to unfold. You will begin creating a relationship that will last a lifetime and beyond. At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we believe that adoption is not separating families but joining them. 

A Guardian Angel Is Here For You

At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we understand that choosing an adoptive family may be too difficult or something that you would rather have us do for you. Please don’t feel bad or worry if this is how you are feeling. We help many expectant mothers who are more interested in an agency pick as well as a closed adoption to preserve their privacy. If you choose this option, we will carefully review your wants and choose an amazing family for you. And you can always decide to meet them later if you choose. We have as many adoption plans as we have expectant mothers because you have a story that is all your own. We feel blessed you have reached out to us. We are always here to support you in what is most comfortable for you and help you help in your adoption story.