How to select the perfect adoptive parents for your baby

The perfect adoptive parents for your baby are out there—choose them using your natural instincts and our helpful guide.

If you feel a bit nervous about this part of the adoption process, don’t worry. Those anxious feelings mean that you understand how meaningful your decision is. Luckily, with the help of A Guardian Angel, this rewarding step will be a bit easier.   

Visualize and decide

Lots of great couples want to provide a loving home for your baby. Narrow things down in the beginning with the type of adoption you want: open, semi-open or closed. From there, imagine the kind of adoptive parents you want for your baby. Make a “must have” list. What is most important to you? What level of education do the parents have? Where do they live? Do they have other children already? As you continue to detail this imaginary couple, your real-life options will become more defined, and the right family will be clear to you.


It’s important to establish which aspects of the adoptive parents you won’t compromise on. For example, you might be looking for a family that shares your political or religious views. Perhaps you want to know how they eventually plan to explain the adoption to the child. Consider what kind of traits might be deal breakers to you. Not all of the guidelines you set need to be totally strict, but this list can be very helpful for narrowing down your decision.

Understand the process

You want to give your baby the best—that’s why you are on this journey with A Guardian Angel. As you view your adoptive-parent options (among the many profiles), take comfort in the fact that our agency has thoroughly screened every couple you see. An expert social worker has spent time closely inspecting each family, ensuring that they meet all the legal standards in addition to our agency’s many requirements. Our system ensures that your baby gets the best when it comes to love, health and safety.

Meet the parents

Getting to know someone online is great, but it does have its limitations. If it’s possible and if you feel comfortable with it, try meeting the couple in person or talking with them on the phone. You might find it helpful to bring a list of questions you want to ask them. Just by being around the adoptive family and listening to and watching their interactions, you will get a fuller sense of who they are. Discuss the type of relationship you would like to have with them. Do they prefer a closed, semi-open or open adoption? Understand the differences and discuss your choice with the family.

Make your decision

A Guardian Angel knows that choosing a family for your baby is a huge decision. We are here to support you and we encourage you to trust your instincts. Use our resources, but pay attention to your gut feelings. Take your time, but be communicative. Hopeful adoptive parents are excited to hear from you.

The moment you inform a family that you’ve chosen them is a moment they will never forget—a moment filled with indescribable joy. By placing your baby with the right adoptive parents, you have blessed their lives forever and are giving your baby the bright future you imagined for them.