The Advantages of Choosing Adoption as an Expectant Mother

Opening up about your decision to choose adoption and responding to people’s questions can be daunting. Creating boundaries for yourself and those you want to share your story with is important. A Guardian Angel Adoptions works with expectant mothers to support them in their decision-making process, provide them with adoption assistance, and build strong relationships so that all birth mothers feel comfortable and confident in their adoption decision.

Placing a child for adoption often comes with many emotions. From the worry of not feeling able to raise your child on your own to the fear of abandonment and disapproval from those around you, each expectant mother faces challenges that are unique to her experience. A Guardian Angel Adoptions works one-on-one with each expectant mother to create an adoption plan that will follow her throughout the pregnancy and birth of her child. This adoption plan will help you as an expectant mother to see the entire process through and have a better understanding of what life will look like for your child. As you explore adoption options, it is important to set boundaries and recognize others may not understand your decision but it’s equally important to remember that adoption is a beautiful gift that can provide both you and your child special opportunities and experiences that will allow both of you to grow.

Setting Boundaries for Yourself

Deciding when to open up about your adoption decision or who to tell is completely personal and should be handled gently. Every expectant mother is facing her own challenges and some might feel more comfortable opening up about their decision than others. Expectant mothers are often asked many questions that could potentially become intrusive or feel like they are violating her privacy. It is important to set boundaries for yourself on the things you will and will not share. That way, when those around you ask about your adoption decision, you already know what you feel comfortable sharing. It is easier to set these boundaries early on so as to prevent frustration and misunderstanding. It isn’t a bad idea to write out your thoughts and rehearse what you could say when someone confronts you about your decision. Having already thought about it, you will be able to speak more confidently and share the reasons why adoption was the right choice for you. 

Recognize That Some May Not Understand

Choosing adoption is a decision unique to each expectant mother and one that should also be backed by lots of research and consideration. When others ask why you chose adoption for your child, you should remember that your choice, though difficult to make, will offer your child many opportunities that you otherwise may have not been able to provide, and that is a beautiful gift to your baby. When explaining adoption to others, there are some who will understand and others who may not recognize the sacrifice you are making in order to provide a better life for your child. Finding an agency that offers a support system that will stand by your decision and help give you strength and resources is important. A Guardian Angel Adoptions works with every expectant mother to explain her pregnancy options and help her understand the benefits of choosing adoption and what makes it such a beautiful choice. 

The Benefits of Adoption

It is important to remember that your decision should be tailored to what’s best for you and the baby. Some may not understand all of the reasons you chose adoption. In these circumstances, do your best to help them see the positives of adoption and how it will affect your life and your child’s life for the better. 

These could include the following for a birth mother:

  • Giving life to your baby
  • Having the opportunity to pursue a career or higher education
  • Relieving emotional and financial stress 
  • Receiving financial assistance and medical care during and after pregnancy 
  • Providing an opportunity to help couples be parents who may have otherwise not been able to.
  • Giving your child a life you may not have been able to provide him or her
  • Being able to still have communication with your child, if desired, and building a relationship with them down the road

And for a birth child:

  • A loving family who has planned and prepared to have a child and has completed a home study process to ensure he or she will be placed in a loving and stable home.
  • The opportunity to be raised by their adoptive families but also their birth parent(s) who placed them for adoption to give them a better life.
  • One-on-one attention from both of their parents in a stable home environment.
  • Opportunities to participate in sports, clubs, college and other activities that will strengthen their talents

An unexpected pregnancy can halt education, career, and other goals that many expectant mothers have. Especially when financial matters come into play, many birth mothers are unable to provide a life for their child that they feel he or she deserves. By choosing adoption this can provide many kids with increased learning opportunities, a healthier lifestyle, more one-on-one time with parents, and the chance to be involved in activities and programs they may not have been able to. 

Finding a Safe Space

There are major advantages to adoption for expectant mothers that often help them to recover quicker and get back on their feet in a shorter amount of time. By using an adoption agency, like A Guardian Angel Adoptions to place a child for adoption, expectant mothers have an instant support system and safe place to turn when they are feeling alone during and after their pregnancy. A good adoption agency’s goal is to provide a space where expectant mothers feel like they can ask questions, share their experiences, and get advice in a non-threatening environment. Utilizing an adoption agency also means that the birth mother has more of a say in the adoption process, and the family that the child is placed in as well as an opportunity to receive comfort and support during a difficult time. A Guardian Angel Adoptions offers every expectant mother free services to help support her during her pregnancy as well as to help her get back on her feet once the child has been placed. The A Guardian Angel Adoptions family also offers post placement care and support for years to come. You are never alone!