4 Considerations for Birth Mothers Looking at Adoption Profiles

Doing what you can to provide your child with the best life possible may look different depending on your circumstances as an expectant mother. Expectant mothers who feel they can’t raise their child on their own often turn to an adoption agency in hopes of providing him or her with a better life. Though the decision may seem like a simple “yes” or “no”, many expectant mothers face emotional challenges as they consider their options moving forward with adoption. It can be scary to picture your child being raised by a stranger or not being sure of the life they will live. Thankfully, adoption agencies like A Guardian Angel Adoptions work with expectant mothers to help them learn more about placing their child for adoption and support them through the process. With adoption journeys of their own, the staff at A Guardian Angel have felt similar feelings and can help you understand what life will be like for your child if you decide to choose adoption.

From free services for expectant mothers to counseling and support, the staff at A Guardian Angel Adoptions agency become family the minute you call. Starting with the very first conversation our support system will help you as you consider adoption options. For expectant mothers that have already decided to participate in our adoption program, we will provide a counselor (at no cost to the expectant mother) who will act as a personal support as you begin looking at adoption profiles and considering eligible families that would be a good fit to raise your child. Looking at adoption profiles can take time. Expectant mothers should never feel pressured or rushed. You should feel comfortable asking questions about the profiles available to you and should be given time to be able to make the decision that you feel is best. 

We believe that the best decisions are made through good communication, a personal support system, a plan, and time. This may be a new experience for you and we want to be there to help. A Guardian Angel Adoptions provides personal counseling and planning as expectant mothers begin looking through adoptive family profiles to better prepare them to choose a family that will be best able to care for the child. 

What to Consider When Reviewing Adoption Profiles

Before looking at adoption profiles consider making a list of some of the characteristics you would hope to see in a family that would adopt your child. Knowing how to choose an adoptive family is different for each expectant mother. As you begin your search, try to keep an open mind, as there may be something you didn’t think of that could really benefit your child down the road. Your list could include the following:

  1. Type of family (large family or only child)
  2. Location (rural or city)
  3. Family hobbies
  4. Values and beliefs

Once you have created your list, try to prioritize the most important traits you are looking for in an adoptive family.

What do Adoption Profiles Usually Include About the Family?

Looking at adoption profiles will help you to understand more about what each adoptive family is like and their personal beliefs and hobbies. Each profile will include family photos, traditions, religious beliefs, parenting philosophies, reasons why the family is looking to adopt, experience with children, the neighborhood they live in, and more. It is practically a mini-novel about prospective adoptive families life. As you review these profiles consider what it is about each one that makes you feel like it would or wouldn’t be the right fit.

Some expectant mothers might only require that the family is of a certain religion while others may not like pets and that’s something that goes into the final decision. Having an opinion and making a careful decision is not bad. Look for families that you feel you would be most comfortable in. Maybe that means the adoptive parents love music or they have a passion for healthy living. Whatever it is, take your own hobbies and beliefs into account and look for an adoptive family with similar parenting beliefs.

What Will Make the Biggest Impression on You

As you consider adoptive families, think about your own life, how you were raised, what you appreciated, and what you would have done differently. If you moved around a lot and felt it was difficult, consider focusing on adoptive profiles that express stability and love for the area they live in. If you were raised participating in sports and activities, look for adoptive profiles that include similar sports interests or hobbies. Religion can play a big role in a child’s life. If religion is important to you, finding adoption profiles with similar beliefs could help you narrow down the qualified candidates. Another big consideration could be family size. Maybe you were raised in a large family and want the same for your child. As you begin to sort out the things that are most important to you, it will help you be able to narrow down the adoptive profiles and begin feeling ready to meet with those families. Remember that many of these families are eager to find the right adoption opportunity and are just as excited to meet you. A Guardian Angel works closely with eligible adoptive families and requires that they pass a screening process to ensure your child is placed in a loving home. 

What Happens After Looking Through Adoptive Profiles?

You have full control over finding the right family for your child. A Guardian Angel Adoptions involves you in every step of the adoption process for expectant mothers and gives you all of the resources to choose a future home for your child. Before looking at adoption profiles, your adoption counselor at the adoption agency should work with you to create an adoption plan. This plan will in part specify the type of adoption you would like meaning the amount of contact you want to have with the child once he or she has been placed with the adoptive parents. Whether you choose you want to have some contact which would mean a semi-open adoption–meet at delivery then receive pictures and letters throughout baby’s life, full contact (open adoption) meet at delivery and have open communication, letters and pictures, or no contact at all (closed adoption) can help you make your adoption journey unique to you. Deciding on the relationship you want to have with your child will help the  A Guardian Angel team find the right kind of families for you to choose from If you are an expectant mother considering adoption or have a question, contact A Guardian Angel Adoptions today or take a look at frequently asked questions for expectant mothers regarding the adoption process and how to choose an adoptive family. We would love to provide more information and be of service in any way we can.