What Resources Are Available for the Birthmother?

A qualified adoption agency’s top priority should be providing support and guidance through the adoption process for expectant mothers. A Guardian Angel Adoptions helps women create an adoption plan suited to their needs. One that provides care for both mother and child to ensure their safety and well-being during and after the adoption process. By turning to an agency like ours, expectant mothers will have adoption resources like medical care, living arrangements, food, clothing, counseling, educational opportunities and support available to them immediately and free of charge.

The last thing you want to worry about is feeling pressured, receiving false information, or not having helpful resources to aid in your decisions. The adoption agency you choose will act as the glue that brings all the pieces together and provides support during times of uncertainty. A Guardian Angel is designed to fully support birth mothers through every step of the adoption process — from day one to long after placement.

Pre-adoption phase:

After learning of your unexpected pregnancy, we understand how scary it is to be making decisions that will affect both you and your child. We want to be there to help. From free adoption services to counseling and even a listening ear. As mothers ourselves, we want to help you find the best solution for your situation and bring comfort in the process. Before beginning an adoption plan we ask expectant mothers to tell us more about themselves through a simple application to understand better how we can help. Our goal is to learn more about you and your situation so we are able to customize a unique adoption plan for you if you decide adoption is the right choice. We have an experienced staff of women all connected to adoption in some way available to you 24/7. From your first phone call, you will have someone to walk with you every step of the way.

During Adoption:

If you decide we are the right agency for you and your baby, we begin the process of taking care of you and helping you find the family and future you want for your child. Women who experience unplanned pregnancies often can’t pay for the expenses that come with the legal and medical side of adoption. This is why adoption agencies like A Guardian Angel offer free legal aid, provide financial assistance and pay medical costs for expecting mothers. We will assign you a personal case manager with years of experience to guide you every step of the way. She will take you to appointments, grocery shopping and even out for some fun activities. Many birth mothers develop a close relationship with their case managers and have lifelong friendships. A Guardian Angel also offers free housing so every woman in our care can feel safe, protected and comfortable. 

We know that the biggest impact adoption will have on your baby will be the parents prepped to provide them with everything they need to thrive physically and emotionally. We want birth parents to leave at peace, knowing that their baby will grow up in a loving family who has gone through rigorous paperwork, interviews, background checks and more to make sure they are completely qualified to give a child the life an expectant mother wants for them. We work with families all around the country and have a wide variety of qualified and loving parents for you to choose from. If you need help choosing adoptive parents for your baby, your case manager will be there to offer useful advice.

After you’ve selected the family you want for your baby, your case manager will also help you choose an adoption plan. They walk you through the guidelines of open, semi-open and closed adoptions, so you can select the best plan for your future relationship with your baby. We will continue to help you communicate with the adoptive parents throughout your child’s life should you need that assistance.

Post-Adoption Process:

It’s completely normal to feel a range of emotions during and after you give birth. Some expectant mothers report feelings of shock, pain, anger and sadness. Others experience joy and peace at seeing the result of their decision and find comfort in knowing it was the right one. Whatever emotions you have after placing your baby with another family, we are here to help you work through any loss or grief you may be experiencing with counselors and other birth mothers who know exactly what you are feeling. Our professional counseling services are available to you before, during and long after placement. Our helpline and available communication with other birth mothers is a lifelong service we offer. We want you to leave our care better off, full of peace and more certainty than when you arrived.

We have over 16 years of experience of taking women by the hand and walking with them through their selfless decision of adoption. We can promise you this: It will be ok. And we don’t just say that. We help make it okay for you by offering all the support you need.

Wherever you’re at in this process, please know that we’re here for you. There’s a lot going on in your life, and we want to make sure you have the resources you need to make it through. We aim to make the process a little less difficult for you with our caring adoption guidance. You will always have A Guardian Angel by your side and can count on the many resources we offer.