Do Birth Mothers Get Paid for Adoption?

Are you pregnant and considering adoption because you are in a situation where you can not support your child financially? If so, you’re not alone. Looking for ways to give your child the life and support you want for them is a brave and selfless choice. 

There are many women wondering, “do birth mothers get paid for adoption?” The answer is “no.” There are no adoption agencies that pay for birth mothers to give up a baby. Giving a person money, gifts or favors in exchange for a child is illegal and unethical, which is why women who attempt to get paid for adoption when finding adoptive parents on their own can face serious legal charges. Payment in exchange for an adoption placement is illegal in every state. However, financial assistance and pregnancy-related compensation are available to prospective birth mothers.

Expecting mothers considering adoption should be free to focus on the journey and not worry about their finances. Expectant mothers are making a brave, loving and selfless decision to give their babies the best life and opportunities. That’s why adoption law allows for adoption financial assistance. Adoption professionals want you to be able to have a smooth adoption process free of obstacles. They’ll work with adoptive families to shoulder as much of the stress as possible.

Adoption compensation or financial help is a way to relieve some of the financial costs that would be burdensome to an expectant mother during the adoption process. State laws regulate this assistance and these laws vary by jurisdiction. 

Depending on your circumstances and state laws, your adoption professional will likely offer financial help for living expenses like rent, groceries, housing and more. This type of payment is perfectly legal. However, if anyone offers you money to “give up your baby” for adoption, then you should steer clear. Any money you accept for giving your baby up for adoption will have major legal consequences.

At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we work with expecting women all over the country and offer adoption compensation for birth mothers under state laws. There are many resources available to women who want to place their baby for adoption and we provide money to help cover pregnancy-related expenses such as rent, groceries, legal fees, medical bills, maternity clothing and transportation. In Utah, financial assistance for putting a baby up for adoption can cover pregnancy and cost-of-living expenses during the pregnancy and afterward for 6–8 weeks during recovery. This includes your travel expenses to and from Utah if you decide to relocate to our base. We also provide help for the emotional needs of women in our care and pay for counseling sessions, if they desire, to help them cope with the process of placing a baby for adoption.

If you are considering adoption and have more questions about the resources available to you, please call A Guardian Angel Adoptions at 855-402-6435 for more information.

We love and admire all the mothers we work with and are here to help you on your journey.