You Are Not Alone: Resources For Birth Mothers

Adoption doesn’t have to be a journey made alone. As an expecting mother facing an unplanned pregnancy, finding help can be difficult. A Guardian Angel Adoptions provides the resources needed for expecting mothers considering adoption. From medical care and housing assistance to legal help and counseling, we offer support before, during and after your pregnancy. We honor your decision and respect your decision every step along the way.

With years of experience — along with a compassionate team of adoption professionals — A Guardian Angel Adoptions is here to ensure expectant mothers across the nation are given the care they need. We’ll ensure birth mothers feel confident in their child’s placement.

Our birth parent services include:

  • Financial assistance during pregnancy -— this includes covering living expenses, such as housing, food and other necessities as allowed by the state.
  • Moving assistance— If more support is needed, we will also cover travel expenses to bring mothers to our housing in Utah. A safe and comfortable apartment will be provided along with an assigned social worker to take birth mothers grocery shopping, to doctor’s appointments and other outings.
  • 24/7 support. A Guardian Angel always has staff available and on call for the women we are supporting.
  • A caring caseworker to walk through each step with expectant moms.
  • An amazing post-placement department to ensure our birth mothers continue to feel supported even after delivery and placement.
  • Educational assistance. If desired, we offer free programs to help birth mothers receive their GED.
  • Medical care. The birth mother’s health and the health of their child are our top priorities.
  • Matching services that reach a wider variety of adoptive families across the country.
  • Legal assistance to ensure the best placement of every child.
  • Safe and loving families are guaranteed through our background checks and home study requirements.

Regardless if you’ve only just found out you are pregnant or have already delivered, you can call us. We are here with a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and all the support you need at this difficult time. We have walked the path of adoption with many birth parents and adoptive families. We’ve guided them as they journey through the unknown and scary parts.

Adoption can be a miracle and blessing to both adoptive families and birth mothers. Our goal is to join families together. We genuinely believe adoption is not about dividing, but about creating and connecting families. Our staff is composed of women who have been positively impacted by adoption. Their mission is to care for expectant mothers, adoptive families, and newborns as they would their own.

At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we promise to answer all your questions truthfully. We’ll help you make a custom adoption plan that fits your specific needs. We’ll never put your baby in foster or cradle care before placement with the adoptive family you’ve chosen.

We honor you and your brave decision to explore adoption. Our resources are here to help you along the way. We promise to help carry your burden and to walk every step of your adoption journey with you.