Understanding the difference between foster care and adoption.

If you’re faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s vital to understand the options available to you. Learn the differences between foster care and adoption as you consider your baby’s future.

Addressing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. You may feel like you have no options and, as a result, delay making significant decisions about your baby’s life. Many mothers put off planning because they are overwhelmed with addiction or other unfortunate circumstances. Often, the thought is that foster care is always available if they can’t handle being a parent—but foster care should never be an option.

Learn the reasons why foster care is not a path to consider when you’re deciding the future of your baby. A Guardian Angel is here to help you understand the options that are open to you.

The basics of foster care.

Foster care is not a voluntary child care system. It is the last resort when a parent or guardian has been deemed unfit to care for their child. Children are only placed in foster care after being abandoned or neglected.

Almost all of your rights as a birth mother are negated with foster care. Because of this, you will not be able to decide the adoptive parents of your baby—in fact, many children end up staying with several foster families, preventing them from enjoying a stable home life. Foster parents also do not receive the same legal support that is often offered to those who adopt.

Why adoption is the best path.

Adoption is the choice that allows you to make decisions about your baby’s life. If you select A Guardian Angel as your adoption agency, we’ll walk you through the steps of this process.

Next, you’ll select the type of adoption that’s right for you. You’ll choose from a closed, semi-open and open adoption. These options determine how much contact you will have with your baby and the adoptive parents.

One of the best parts about choosing adoption is that you get to choose the adoptive parents for your baby. You’ll review prospective families and select the one that perfectly fits your qualifications. Adoption is truly the safest choice.

Begin the adoption process today.

Don’t let the surprise of an unplanned pregnancy keep you from making decisions that will affect the life of your baby. With adoption through A Guardian Angel, you will always have someone to walk you through this process and support you along the entire journey.

A Guardian Angel has many resources that are designed to help both adoptive parents and birth mothers understand the process of adoption. We’ll ensure that you are fully informed and able to make the best decision for both you and your baby’s future.

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