Do You Feel Different About Your Adopted Versus Your Biological Children?

“Does it feel different the way you feel about your adopted children, versus your biological children?”

This is a question I have been asked many times. At first, I found it shocking, but over time I have come to understand that sometimes people have a hard time understanding something they haven’t personally experienced.

Although my adopted babies do not look like me, they are completely mine.’ I know what their favorite treat is, the songs they love to dance to, and it is me they cry out for in the middle of the night when they are afraid. They are also lucky, because they have Birthmoms who love them, too. They are surrounded by love, and the fact that we do not share biological DNA has never been a determining factor in our love and adoration for our children.

Some of my babies have grown in my womb, and some grew in another woman’s womb. I would liken meeting my adopted children to a father meeting his child for the first time although he did not personally carry the child, he is smitten with unconditional love and devotion. It is true, I did not feel my adopted babies kicking inside my abdomen, but I felt their sweet spirits stirring inside my heart-encouraging us to take the road to newborn adoption. They are mine, and they were meant to be a part of our family. The difference is something only those from the outside can see-within our family, we are just like everyone else. We have a mom and a dad, and five crazy kids. We were brought together by love, just like any other family. We just have a more interesting story.