Teen Pregnancy Resources

Learning you are pregnant when you are not prepared to be a parent can feel scary and overwhelming. Even more so if you are a teenager or young adult with limited resources. According to studies done by the National Library of Medicine, the long-term consequences of teen pregnancy include:

  • lowered educational achievement
  • medical complications
  • higher occurrence of fertility issues
  • low labor force participation
  • reduced earnings
  • economic stress and limited opportunity
  • marital failure

If you are a teen or young adult facing an unplanned pregnancy, we know this list can be discouraging. We hope to encourage you to look at all options available to you and your baby. There has never been a time in history with more support for women in these situations. Adoption can prevent many of those long-term consequences while fostering future success for you and your baby.

The Support You Need

Pregnancy can sometimes be very overwhelming. Adoption agencies like A Guardian Angel Adoptions can bring you peace and comfort. We support hundreds of women, including pregnant teens, facing accidental or unplanned pregnancies. We offer financial, emotional and medical support before, during and after your pregnancy. If you find yourself without supportive parents or friends, you can find that in us. We have professionals to help you clearly communicate your wishes.

If that is not an option for you and you need to move forward without a parent’s permission, please know that confidential adoptions are an option. With this option, your information is completely private. We never share information about you and your choices, even with parents and family. You never need to worry about “word getting out.” Whatever your needs are, we help you meet them every step of the way throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Resources to Help You Succeed

If you decide we are the right agency for your needs, we will care for you and help find the family and future you want for your child. Women — especially teenagers who experience unplanned pregnancies — often can’t afford the legal and medical expenses of adoption. A Guardian Angel offers free legal aid, provides financial assistance and pays medical costs for expecting mothers. We will assign you a personal case manager with years of experience to guide you every step of the way. She will take you to appointments, grocery shopping and even out for some fun activities. Many birth mothers develop lifelong friendships with their case managers. A Guardian Angel also offers free housing so every woman in our care can feel safe, protected and comfortable.

Prepared parents who are ready and willing to provide the needed physical and emotional requirements to help a child thrive are the biggest benefit of adoption. You have complete control over the family you want to raise your baby. We want birth parents to leave at peace, knowing that their baby will grow up in a loving and safe family. Each adoptive parent goes through intensive paperwork, interviews, background checks and more to make sure they are completely qualified. We work with families nationwide to give you a wide variety of qualified and loving parents to choose from. If you need help choosing adoptive parents for your baby, your case manager can offer useful advice.

Creating A Plan For Your Future

Many women in your situation choose adoption to continue to pursue the future they had in mind. Whether that is school, travel or work, you can achieve your dreams and give your baby the life you imagined for them. A life with two loving parents who long for and are ready to raise a child in a stable home and family. Adoption also means the beginning of a beautiful lifelong relationship with your child at the level you choose. Many expecting mothers choose to receive letters and updates about their child throughout life. Some even have regular phone calls and get-togethers.

There are major advantages to adoption for expectant mothers. A Guardian Angel can help you recover quickly and get back on your feet in a shorter amount of time. Expectant mothers have an instant support system when using our agency to place a child for adoption. We aim to create a safe place for you, especially when feeling alone during and after pregnancy. The A Guardian Angel Adoptions family also offers post placement care and support for years to come. You are never alone!

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