Book Review: Jovi’s Path

I recently had the opportunity to review a new children’s book about adoption, titled Jovi’s Path, authored by Jodi Czarnick Coon, and illustrated by Ashlie Coon Sanders. As an adoptive mother, I am always looking for a good book about newborn adoption to read to my babies. The story begins with an adorable little zebra named Jovi. Little Jovi is looking for his mother, but does not know where to find her. With the help of Mrs. Phyllis Philipee, he sets off on his journey to find his mother. How will he know her? He has to listen to her heart song. His mother’s heart will sing the song that matches his. He meets many potential mamas, each with their own song. He becomes upset when he can’t find his match. Finally, he finds her. When his mama finds her baby, she rejoices, ‘“Here’s my baby, now my heart is full of joy. I knew God had a plan for us, He has found my baby boy!”

I would recommend this book to any new adoptive family. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the story is sweet. It is simple enough for a young child to understand, and yet underneath the simpleness there is conveyed a more poignant message: that each of our adopted children sing our heart’s song, and that although our families came together in a different, unique way, we are forever bonded by the song of the heart, by the recognition of spirit. This is a great gift for anyone who has been touched by adoption in their lives, and I look forward to reading it with my kids for many years to come. You can find information on this book at