Our Adoption Journey

I ran across a blog entry I had written about our first adoption, and wanted to share it with you:

“Our new daughter is the sweetest little thing, and a wonderful baby. We feel so lucky to have her. After our first attempt at newborn adoption failed in December, it was hard to think would we ever get our baby, or that would we be able to put ourselves out there and trust again. It was so painful! But we didn’t even take a break, we just kept on trying to get our baby. Looking back, it must have been the spirit that was helping us to continue on during such a difficult time. With our first adoption agency, we lost a lot of money. They kept all fees that the birth mother incurred. Although we signed a contract stating we would do so, we felt that the agency was dishonest with us, and was not trying to help us or work with us in any way. We felt that we had broken hearts from the failed adoption, and now we were also broke!  We decided to switch agencies, and this was the best decision we had made. Our new agency (A Guardian Angel) was loving, involved, caring and concerned. They held our hands through the entire process. I really feel like this agency is guided by the Lord, and he was able to work with them to bring us our baby.

Yvonne called me on February 5th to tell us that our birth mom had chosen us. Exactly one month later, we held our beautiful baby girl in our arms. Our birth mom delivered at Pioneer Valley Hospital in West Valley City, UT.  We were able to hold our little girl about an hour after she was born, and give her her first bottle. We spent the next two days with the birth mom and the baby. This was a really difficult and tense time. We wanted to be excited about the adoption, but we just weren’t sure that she was going to sign the papers. When I looked at the baby, I couldn’t imagine how painful the decision must have been for our birth mom.

I don’t think that my husband or I really took an easy breath until those papers were signed. The spirit was so strong in that room. I had tears in my eyes, and so did the case workers. It was such a miracle that we were able to welcome her into our family. We had prayed and fasted so long for another baby. Heavenly Father had seen fit to send us one of the most precious blessings we could ever ask for.”

Good luck on your journey-you are with an amazing agency who will help you every step of the way, just like they helped us.