National Adoption Month: Celebrate with Us!

Each year, we recognize November as National Adoption Month. It is the month when the community acknowledges those impacted by adoption.

It originated as a National Adoption Week in 1984. In 1995, President Bill Clinton announced a change to a month-long awareness.

Why Do We Celebrate?

The main goal of National Adoption Month is to bring awareness to adoption issues and to bring attention to the need for adoption. We encourage others to use this month to learn about adoption. You can read the stories of both adopted children and adoptive families on our website.

During National Adoption Month, we celebrate families who have grown through adoption, recognize the lived experience of adopted children and acknowledge the many children who are still waiting for forever families.

Ways To Honor Adoption

  • Celebrate the families who have grown through adoption
  • Recognize the hundreds of thousands of children waiting to find permanent families
  • Spread awareness of adoption and the adoption process
  • Advocate for the well-being and the future of adopted children
  • Ask our local businesses and companies to support adoption
  • Provide an opportunity for everyone to learn about and get involved with adoption.

We know that for some birth moms, reflecting back on their adoption placement can bring complex emotions. National Adoption Month helps us raise awareness and support for birth mothers and adoptees. We love and honor each individual involved in the adoption process, and hope we are able to do our part in supporting them.

If you would like to learn more about adoption, please contact us! It is our privilege to support birth moms before, during, and after their adoption placement.