How to Best Prepare for Adoption

Pregnant women who consider adoption must prepare themselves and their unborn child for the family and future she desires. Similarly, hopeful adoptive families must also prepare to provide an environment where the child they adopt will thrive.

A Guardian Angel Adoptions takes great care in providing adoption preparation tips while selecting the families we will work with. We ensure families are prepared to meet not only the physical needs of a child but also the emotional inheritance that comes with adopting. We require much from these families as we teach them how to prepare for adoption. We notice the difference it can make to an expecting mother and the family she chooses when they have prepared their home and hearts for a child.

Expectant mothers can find assurance in the way we prioritize the safety, well being and future success of their child by requiring the following adoption preparation from hopeful families:

Home, Health and Safety Preparations:

We only accept adoptive families that are young and healthy enough to care for your baby through adulthood. If married, couples must also have a solid marriage and have happy and stable extended family relationships. Families must be financially stable and able to cover adoption expenses, medical expenses as well as a lifetime of care including a safe home, health and life insurance, college, extracurricular activities and all the other necessities of life. 

We determine all this through the process of a home study that each family must pass. A licensed social worker will conduct a home study, who will document and verify that the adoptive family not only meets the qualifications but is truthful in all the information shared as well. As part of the home study, each member of the family must pass extensive criminal and child abuse clearances. Financial and tax documents are also reviewed. After the completion of the adoption home study, the Clinic Director at A Guardian Angel Adoptions will review it. Following its review, the agency’s Adoptive Family Committee must approve it. 

Education Preparation:

Giving a child opportunities to become familiar and comfortable with their culture and history is something we want our adoptive families to be well educated on. Adopting a child of a different race or ethnicity presents challenges families may not expect. Our adoptive families must take a course that teaches from the collective experiences of adopted persons and adoptive parents with transracial families. This course will help parents considering adopting a child of a different race or ethnicity than their own. In this course families will learn the following:

  • Learn new skills for responding to hurtful and insensitive comments
  • Understand how your reactions and answers impact and teach your child
  • Examine the diversity in their life and learn strategies to expand it
  • Share in the wisdom and collective experiences of adopted persons and adoptive parents with transracial families

The family you pick for your child will be fully qualified to offer not only their love and support but also educated on how to care for your child’s needs. At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we love and celebrate the diversity we see in our homes and in others. We want families to recognize the value of their child’s differences and culture and be aware of the realities that living with a particular skin color in this world can mean.

Emotional Preparation:

The adoptive family must have parenting classes as well as training about adoption. Families must learn about and understand the different types of adoption, relationships with birth families and openness in adoption. We counsel families to prepare emotionally by making sure adopting a child is not just about them. It is about supporting the birth mother of their child and the child they have the privilege of raising as their own. 

Couples facing infertility are encouraged to take the time they need to grieve the loss of having a biological child before adopting, so that they can offer all of their love to a future child not of their genetic makeup.

Adoptive parents will learn to lovingly shape the traits you passed on to your child and we are confident in their contribution to the incredible person your child will become.

At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we understand that having your child raised by people you don’t fully know can be scary, which is why we make it our mission to know everything about the potential families raising your child. We want expectant mothers to feel confident in their choice of family and rest assured that the family they choose will be able to support and have the resources needed to meet their child’s needs along with offering all their love.  

As an expecting mother, the safety and happiness of your child is the most important item on your list. As you search for an adoption agency, remember you are the best person to make the decisions about your wishes and your needs. Look for an agency that honors you as an expectant mother by providing the best chance for a successful adoption with lovingly prepared families. We honor you and your brave decision to explore adoption. We promise to help carry your burden and to walk every step of your adoption journey with you.