How Do I Tell Him I Am Pregnant and Considering Adoption?

It’s a day like every other day. Except today, you see two pink lines on a little stick and are now wondering — what on earth do I do next? Among the many things to consider, breaking the news to the birth father about an unplanned pregnancy can cause anxiety and stress.

You might be unsure of how he will react. At this point, there’s a good chance you’re unsure of what you even want yourself.

Here are some tips to consider before having a conversation with the birth father:

1. Take time to process for yourself. Finding out you’re pregnant can be a huge moment. Allowing yourself the time to process your emotions will help you with future decisions. Your emotions and thoughts surrounding your pregnancy are what matter the most.

2. Go into the conversation without assumptions. Pregnancy news can affect everyone differently.  Be open to what his instant reactions and thoughts are about the pregnancy. Talking through them together can help you understand each other better.

3. Be sensitive about the time and environment as you tell him. Just like the news was a shock to you, be sensitive to the fact that it will be to him as well. Choose an appropriate setting where he can process his feelings properly.

4. If you have already decided what you want to do moving forward, be direct and honest about your plan. Be as clear as possible when you share this news. It’s a difficult conversation, but communicating your feelings on how you want to proceed is crucial.

5. Above all, if you have reasons to fear for your safety, professionals can provide support and help you navigate the situation. Your health and security is the most important factor in deciding when and how to inform others of your pregnancy.

Whatever the birth father’s reaction may be, remember he will be processing his emotions right in front of you. He may need time to fully process what he was just told. Birth fathers may initially react out of fear, anger, and shock or happiness, excitement and anxiety. Allow everyone to process their feelings before making decisions.

If adoption is on the table, expressing the benefits of adoption to the birth father may be key. Many people don’t know much about the adoption process. Our specialists can walk you through each step. We can answer any questions you might have, including state laws regulating birth father parental rights.

A solid support system throughout your pregnancy is key in easing your physical, mental and emotional burdens. Pregnancy can feel isolating at times, but your support system can help you through it. While those you love may share their opinions, remember that your plans are your choice alone. If adoption is what you decide, A Guardian Angel Adoptions offers support to birth moms before, during and after your adoption placement. We help with housing assistance, medical expenses, food access, and even educational resources.

If you would like to learn more about adoption or have any questions about the adoption process or how to handle telling the father of your baby please reach out to A Guardian Angel at 877-742-6435