From One Mother to Another

At A Guardian Angel Adoptions it is impossible to celebrate Mothers Day without first honoring the women who made us mothers. Our love for birth mothers runs deep, very deep. We not only honor our children’s birth mothers in our own homes, but we also work hard to ensure that the families who adopt through our agency understand the importance of valuing and respecting the birth mothers of their children every day of the year. 

Here are the words of just a few of the mothers who have adopted babies through A Guardian Angel:

“Our kids have had a framed picture of their birth mothers hanging on their walls since the day we brought them home. They’ve never gone a day without seeing them.

The names of their birth mothers are spoken of often and with reverence in our home.

We pray for their birth mothers daily, and I’ll tell you what: There is nothing more powerful than hearing a tiny 3 year old calling down the powers of heaven to watch over the first woman to ever love him. 

We thank God for their birth mothers.

They endured their greatest loss to bring us our greatest joy. 

Adoption is a sacred and beautiful subject we talk about often.

Without their courage to choose life…this life for them, our family would not exist. The reminder of that privilege stares back at me every day in the faces that hold their beautiful genes” -Julia, adoptive mother.

“They gave my babies life and loved them first. They chose the bravest, strongest love there is. There are just not words big enough to express my deepest, fiercest, gratitude and admiration for them. The privilege it is to have two little souls call me their mom because of their sacrifice is never lost on me. I feel so very honored to get to be the one who tells both of my boys how much they were loved before I ever came along. We are celebrating our love for them today and always.” -Kortni, adoptive mother

“I wish every person in the world could understand the love and sacrifice of my child’s birth mother. That a mother who “gives up her baby,” couldn’t have made a sacrifice like that. Had she  loved her child any less–one ounce less–her baby would still be with her now. I have a hard and heavy belief that love is the only force on Earth that could enable a mother to break her own heart and place her baby in the arms of another forever. As mothers we know that the best thing to do for our children is usually the very hardest thing for us and no one. Just no one, knows this better than a birth mother” -Ann, adoptive mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. But especially those who are hurting today; to you who is missing your child today and to you whose baby made someone else a mother. Mothers of adopted children everywhere are celebrating you today. We hope you know that you are prayed for and thought of and so dearly loved. 

We love and honor the birth mothers we serve and it is always our privilege to provide the support they need before, during and after placing their baby for adoption. During our sixteen years of experience as an adoption agency, we have witnessed hundreds of families come together in love through the option of adoption. At A Guardian Angel, we have many adoption services that can give you the support you need. We have birth parent programs uniquely suited to all kinds of situations. We also have amazing staff members, many are adoptive moms or birth mothers themselves. Because of this, they feel a unique bond with you and a desire to help you have a positive outcome with your unplanned pregnancy. Our staff wants you to have the best care available and a plan that fits your needs. At A Guardian Angel we promise to be here for you from the first time you call throughout your adoption journey and beyond.