Expectant Mother Rights and Responsibilities

Expectant Parents are advised that Federal Law (the Indian Child Welfare Act) requires that adoptive placement of children with Native American Indian heritage can occur ONLY following specific procedures. Failure to identify and disclose any Native American Indian heritage in your child could jeopardize the security of your placement. You are asked to make a vigorous inquiry of your family regarding the existence of Native American Indian heritage. We are aware of the procedures to assist you in pursuing your adoption plan following receipt of this information.

Expectant Mother Rights

As a client of A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC you have the right to:

– Freedom from discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, disability, age or national origin.

– Respectful and dignified treatment in all interactions with agency representatives and adoptive families.

– Seek information and advice from any attorney, physician, clergy or family members, and others that may help you make the best decisions for your situation.

– Participate in decisions with your counselor.

– Choose an appropriate adoptive family for your child(ren).

– Receive services as agreed upon.

– Receive assistance consistent with the Provider Code of Conduct guidelines for the state of Utah.

– Receive information about adoption laws and resources available to you in your home state.

– Retain privacy of information including confidentiality of records. This does not include areas in which a ‘release of information’ is given or otherwise specified in the “Statements of Understanding.”

Expectant Mother Responsibilities

As a client of A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC you have the responsibility to:

– Participate actively in the decision making process with your counselor.

– Provide all documentation requested by A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC.

– Prepare for your placement by attending appointments, and reading provided materials.

– Cooperate with agency in making adjustments in housing arrangements when necessary.

– Follow the policies and procedures of A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC.

– Work closely with agency personnel to select an adoptive family within a reasonable time.

Grievance and Complaint Procedure

1. The client has the right to submit a written grievance or complaint to the executive director of A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC.

2. The client will be given an opportunity to meet in person with the expectant parent program director and the executive director to express any grievance or complaint within five working days of receiving the written grievance or complaint.

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