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This article is the second in a series that goes through the whole adoption process for birth mothers (six primary stages in the adoption process). Here, we’ll be going over the second step in the adoption process, which is deciding on an adoption agency.

First, though, we’ll introduce you to the adoption process as a whole. Then we’ll spend the rest of the time diving into choosing an adoption agency: what things are important to consider when comparing agencies and what some of the biggest differences are between agencies.

Introduction to the Adoption Process

First things first: let’s introduce you to the adoption process. With A Guardian Angel, you’ll always have someone to talk to throughout this process, so don’t worry about memorizing this or being overwhelmed. We’re always here to help.

The adoption process goes like this:

  1. Decide on adoption — choosing an abortion alternative like adoption is the important first step in the adoption process. Nothing starts until you feel sure about your decision to put your baby up for adoption.
  2. Decide on an agency — look at the services the agencies offer, the accessibility of these agencies, and how the agencies connect you to adoptive families.
  3. Make an adoption plan — with A Guardian Angel, you’ll always have someone there to make sure you plan for everything you and your baby need (and we’ll take care of any legal fees that go along with the adoption process).
  4. Choose an adoptive family — choose from families waiting to adopt a child. At A Guardian Angel, we carefully screen our adoptive families so you can be confident your baby will be in a safe and loving environment.
  5. Prepare for delivery — once you’ve made the preparations in your adoption plan, you can take care of yourself and prepare for delivery.
  6. Recovering after delivery — you’ll need a little bit of time, at least, to rest and heal after delivery. We’ll still be with you during that time, and we’ll have our lines open for you long afterwards.

Remember, this is a brief overview of the adoption process. We have a more in-depth description of the process on our Adoption Process [link to adoption process page] page.

Deciding on an agency

Right now, you maybe just decided to place your baby for adoption. Or perhaps you’re looking into adoption as an abortion alternative and want to know more about the adoption process. Whatever your reason for learning more about adoption agencies, we’re here to help.

Looking at your options

Wherever you live, you have someone who can help you. In fact, you most likely have several agencies available to you. Your task right now is to find an agency that best fits your needs. This will take a little bit of work, but it will be worth it. These items can help you find the agency that’s perfect for you!

So where do you start? Well, right here is a good place. Start thinking about what kinds of qualities you want in an adoption agency, and maybe even write down a list. As we go through some of the things adoption agencies offer, you may add to your list or change your mind about some things. And that’s ok. This is a learning process, and we’re here to help.

If you have other questions, feel free to call us. We’d love to answer any of your questions.

Not ready for a call? Keep reading our Finding Help with Adoption blog series or try our FAQ page. We’re happy to answer any questions, so feel free to call us when you’re ready to chat.

Personality and personalized plans

Every agency has a unique personality and a unique feel, just like you. Make sure that the agency or agencies you’re considering will focus on your unique needs. You deserve the best care, and you should expect that from adoption agencies. Visit websites, call agencies, and, if possible, visit their locations to see how they feel to you. If you feel valued, that’s a good sign that your adoption experience will be great.

Along with finding an agency that makes you feel valued, ask about how they help with adoption plans. Some agencies use similar adoption plans for every birth mother they help. Others, like A Guardian Angel, know that every birth mother is different, and every pregnancy is different. Shouldn’t an adoption plan be as personalized as your experience? With a personalized adoption plan, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re comfortable with the adoption throughout the entire process.

Available services

Not all adoption agencies provide the same services. Let’s say you’ve found a few that you’ve chatted with and you like. Take a look at all of the services available to you as a birth mother. Look at the different services available leading up to delivery, during delivery, and after delivery.

Some services to look for (especially if they’re free) are:

  • Housing and living coverage
  • Pregnancy-related legal assistance
  • Adoption counseling
  • Medical care
  • Communication (with the agency for questions and concerns and with the adoptive family if you choose to have an open adoption)
  • Educational assistance

Remember: adoption agencies are here to help you. If a certain agency doesn’t offer the services that you are looking for, try looking for another agency that does. You’re bound to find a good fit for you and your child.

Open vs. closed adoptions

One more critical part of adoption to think about is deciding whether you want an open adoption or a closed adoption. An open adoption is one in which the birth mother can receive letters and pictures from the adoptive family about the child. A closed adoption is, as you might expect, an adoption in which the birth mother does not have continued contact with the adoptive parents after the child is placed.

We chat about this more in the Adoption Plan [link to Adoption Plan blog post], but when choosing an agency, it’s important to find an agency that will support you in your choice for an open or a closed adoption.

Find an adoption agency that will work with your desire for an open or closed adoption and will help you find a family who feel the same way you do. This kind of support from an agency is important throughout the pregnancy, so make sure you have an agency that will be on your side and work for you.

Making the choice

There’s a lot that goes into choosing an adoption agency. But, with these tips and guides, you are now more prepared to search for and decide on the best agency for you.

If you want to talk with someone about making this choice, please call us at 801.302.8916. We are happy to talk about your situation and go over the adoption process with you. We stand with you.

If you’ve decided to put your baby up for adoption and have chosen an agency, it’s time to talk about an adoption plan.

Finding Help with Adoption: Make an adoption plan