Dear Birth Mother: Jazmin’s Adoption Story

Have you ever wondered what makes up a person? Is it a specific life event? A tragedy? Or could it be something as simple as a gift? Well, that’s how my life began. With a gift. The gift of life.

Learning I was Adopted

When my mother told me about how I came to be in the family, I learned a lot. I had a birth mom who was in her early forties when she had me. I was the youngest of seven or eight kids. My birth mom didn’t know how to read or write, and she was homeless. As an adoptee, I spent most of my childhood imagining what she looked like. The problem was I couldn’t. My birth mother chose a closed adoption. I had no idea where to begin when imagining her. I had seen pictures with my adopted family, generations of people who all looked like each other. I longed for that connection. I longed to see if I looked like her.

Finding Answers

It wasn’t until the fall of 2019 that I would finally get some answers. That September, I turned twenty-three and had asked my parents for a DNA test from When I got the test, I signed up for notifications of any DNA matches. About two weeks later, I got a notification about a potential relative. In’s mobile app,  I discovered a match with a young man who had done the DNA test seven years prior. The app listed him as my second cousin. Out of all the DNA matches, he and I had the most shared DNA. Although I didn’t know what to expect, I messaged him and asked him some questions on who he was and who I was. As I slept that night, I had no idea that when I woke up my life would change forever. The next morning I had a message back from this young man. He asked me if I was his long-lost sister, adopted out of the family some twenty years ago. That’s right — the young man was my brother, Abraham.

We messaged back and forth for a while before I asked him if I could call him. He said yes and within minutes we were on the phone talking to one another. All my life’s questions had answers in a period of three hours. It was overwhelming, of course, but I realized this was a blessing from God. Abraham told me about our other siblings.  It turns out I had two other sisters and two other brothers as well!

From that phone call on, doors started to open that I always imagined would remain closed. My parents found a small handwritten letter from my birth mother. She sent it to the adoption agency and said, per her request, that my parents should give it to me when I was ready. Getting this letter has given me a peace that I can’t describe. I know now, with all my heart, that my birth mother loved and still loves me to this day. I couldn’t say that before. I feel so blessed to have this connection to her.

They say God works in mysterious ways. I have learned that when we want answers or outcomes in life, we don’t always get them on our time. We get them on His time, when He knows we are ready. I believe God has been watching out for me and continues too.

The Blessing of Adoption

I realize now that adoption is a blessing, and it’s a wonderful thing! I’m proud to be an adoptee! When I have a family of my own, I want to adopt as well. I feel I can give back to a child who needs a family, as I did. I have a new perspective after this experience. Birth mothers are some of the strongest women out there. Giving up your child for adoption so they can have a better life is one of the most selfless gifts of all. A true mother’s love for her child. I thank God every day for the blessings He has given me and the strength to handle it.

My favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13,  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I live by that every day as I know my birth mother wanted me to grow up to be a woman of God. Along the way, I have also found that she had a desire to read the Bible. Even though she didn’t know how to read, she still wanted to read the Bible because it was that important to her.

I would not be the woman I am today without my birth mother. I hope she would be proud of the woman I have become, and I do not intend to take this gift she gave for granted. I love her and will always have a special bond with her. Whether we meet in this life or the next, that’s OK. I know God has big plans for me. Trusting Him has never steered me wrong. I will live everyday honoring her and the gift she gave to me. 


A Word from A Guardian Angel Adoptions

We hope Jazmin’s adoptee story will touch expectant mothers everywhere. Know you are strong, brave, and capable of giving your unborn child a happy and successful life. 

Birth mothers feel the joy and peace that come from making a choice to place their baby in a loving family. Your choice ensures the best possible life available. Participating in each step of the process and making the final decision will give you comfort in securing a nurturing home for your baby. A home that your baby will be able to thank you for someday.

There may be difficult financial circumstances in your life. You may be facing the prospect of delaying or abandoning plans for your education and career. You might not have a support system surrounding you with the resources any mother needs to raise a child.

A Guardian Angel Adoptions offers every expectant mother free services to support her during pregnancy, as well as help and resources after the child has been placed. We also offer post-placement care and support for years to come. Adoption is a beautiful option!

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