Adoptive Family Testimonial

Try to imagine what it might be like for a couple who has been working toward the dream of starting a family, to learn that one of them suffers some kind of infertility. Imagine what it’s like for a couple who has already started a family to learn that it’s medically inadvisable for the mother to carry another pregnancy to term. How heartbreaking those types of situations must be. Then imagine hat they carry on, in the spirit of hope, but in a state of emotional distress toward the idea of adoption. How nerve-wracking that process must be.

Adoption agencies, like A Guardian Angel Adoptions, specialize in dealing with the logistical tasks and legal red tape related to the adoption process so that adoptive families can continue to care for themselves according to their needs. Many of our adoption case workers are adoptive parents themselves, so they understand the rigors adoptive families are faced with better than anyone else. If you are thinking about adopting a new member into your family and would like peace of mind that comes with a staff of trained professionals supporting you in your goals along the way, please visit our adoptive parents application page and get the process started. If you would like to know more about the newborn and domestic infant adoption process and the range of support services we provide you can read through our frequently asked questions page or contact us by phone at 877-742-6435.