Adoption Story: Meet Greg, Heather and Birth Momma B.

“Last October we received a phone call unbeknownst to us that would change all of our lives forever. Greg and I thought after adopting Luke, God could not possibly give us anything else, we were so happy. This phone call was from the adoption agency in Utah and due to the fact that I had become so close to the friend that called, I was beyond excited to hear her voice. I had no idea that she would tell me Luke would soon be having a biological sister and the birth parents wanted us to adopt this little girl! This was October 19, she was 33 weeks pregnant, and they told us to get our bags packed because she could go anytime, (Luke was born at 36 weeks) – if we chose to adopt! We were both in complete shock and disbelief. After hanging up, it was obvious without hesitation that Luke was getting a sister.

Even though this was a complete shock, we had prayed for the Lord to bless our family with another baby if that was His will. We NEVER thought it would happen.

Our initial reaction was, this is bad timing. My grandpa had passed away days before, and my mother had just been placed on Hospice. With Covid being so crazy at the time as well, I was unsure about taking Luke and exposing him to an unknown situation for an unknown length of time. I was worried about everything that I could possibly think of instead of trusting in the decisions that had already been taken care of for me as a mother.

Adoption is not for the faint of heart. We struggled for two years while adopting Luke, had two failed adoptions, and many, many days that we wanted to give up. It was in those days of crying and begging so hard that I realized how amazing God’s Grace truly is.

Greg and I are so so far from perfect, we are not even worthy to have what we have been blessed with. In my heart, I know without a doubt, Luke and Lila are from God, handpicked by their birth mom to bless our families and those around us. They have meltdowns, my minivan that I thought I would never drive smells like a chicken nugget, and our feet hurt because we are constantly stepping on legos. With all of the imperfections I wouldn’t change one thing. “

At A Guardian Angel Adoptions we put so much care into our birth mothers and our adoptive families and they all become family to us. We work hard at creating a safe and comfortable environment for our birth moms and adoptive families to grow together in the messiness that is adoption. Although each birth mom is able to decide what kind of openness and relationship she wants in her adoption plan, a family is created between people who were once strangers.

If you need any help or guidance, please reach out to A Guardian Angel Adoptions. We offer professional counseling before, during and after your adoption process.