Adoption Story: Meet Ash, the M Family and Baby J

One year ago, after delivering her baby girl, Ashley chose an adoptive family for baby J. A family she didn’t know but learned about through a profile book and knew in her heart they were the right family. One year after making that decision the M family scheduled a visit.

M family:

“I’ll never be able to adequately put into words how our visit went with baby J’s birth mother. I’m still processing it all. It was one of the most emotional situations I’ve ever been a part of. I told her birth mother that the second I see her I will place J in her arms. And that is what I did. It was such an emotional exchange. I wasn’t prepared for all the tears. There were a lot of family present. Her birth mother, birth father, J’s three-year-old sister, her grandmother and her Aunt. Everyone respectfully asked us if they could take pictures and videos and we said Of course! We spent two hours together. All eyes on J. J was very quiet and attached to me, which everyone understood. But we made sure every family member was able to enjoy a personal moment holding her. We watched them kiss her cheeks and whisper love into her little heart. It was beautiful and I’m tearing up as I’m even writing this. THEY ALL LOVE HER SO MUCH. One part of the visit that left my heart incredibly full was watching J with her sister. Oh my heavens, never have we ever seen a more adorable, happy, smart, talkative, sweet three year old. The first moment though that we introduced these sisters to each other was one I will never forget.”

“Our kids fell in absolute love with her and played with her the entire visit. She told them they were her ‘best friends’ when they were playing. The visit had many lighthearted conversations but also some deep ones. I’m so grateful for her birth mother’s trust in me to share some deep areas of her heart. Our goodbye was long and sweet and truly hard for all of us. I promised them all we would visit again and continue to share pics and updates as J grows. They thanked us over and over for raising her so beautifully and then the visit was over. Walking away

with ‘their’ baby was hard. It felt unnatural for a split second and a wave of intense guilt fell over me. How is this even real? How come I get to parent her? I’ll never wrap my heart and mind around this. But I will spend the REST OF MY LIFE thanking God and momma Ash for it”

A Guardian Angel adoption helps with setting up a post placement agreement with the adoptive parents before the baby is born. It is a great way to plan so that everyone knows their role and responsibility. While there are many unknowns for birth parents and adoptive parents, you will always have the compassionate support from us to help guide you through the process and help you in finding the best family for you.

If you are considering adoption for your baby and would like to learn more about our hopeful adoptive parents who wish to create a family, please reach out to A Guardian Angel Adoptions. We offer professional counseling before, during and after your adoption process.