Abortion Alternatives: Consider Adoption

The past few months after the Supreme Court Rulings have left women considering many things, including plans for unexpected pregnancies. Every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, regardless if she chooses adoption or another path, deserves care, options and support. Many women across the country have chosen adoption as a part of their plan. For women that need help, advice or a shoulder to lean on, our highly qualified and trained team is ready with answers, support and care. 

Adoption as an Alternative

Adoption is an avenue that many people choose to pursue, whether birth parents placing children for adoption or hopeful families looking for another addition. When a pregnant woman isn’t ready to parent, can’t provide for a child or feels abortion isn’t the right choice for her, adoption is a legal alternative. 

Women who experience unplanned pregnancies often come up with multiple factors as to why they choose adoption. Some women aren’t ready to be parents but feel abortion isn’t the right pathway for them. Other women may not be in the financial, emotional or mental state to take care of a child. We understand that each woman will have individual needs specific to their situation. Knowing the option of adoption is available can affect the direction of a birth mother’s journey. For those choosing adoption as an alternative to abortion, know that A Guardian Angel adoptions will work with you throughout the process to ensure you feel confident in your choice.

Resources and Support

A Guardian Angel offers free legal aid, provides financial assistance and pays medical costs for expecting mothers. We assign each birth mother an experienced personal case manager to help with the placement process. She will take you to appointments, grocery shopping and even out for some fun activities. Many of the birth mothers we help develop lifelong friendships with their case managers.

Our goal is to help women create an adoption plan that fits their needs. A plan that considers both mother and child. We don’t want to add unnecessary stress to the lives of birth mothers, especially for those who are choosing adoption over abortion but are worried about managing through pregnancy. We’ll support expectant mothers during and after the adoption process, providing resources like medical care, living arrangements, food, clothing, counseling, educational opportunities and support immediately and free of charge.

A Team That Cares

Our staff is mainly made of adoptive moms or birth mothers. We understand the adoption process intimately and feel a unique bond with the women we help. One of our biggest joys is providing a safe space for pregnant women and helping them through the placement process. We want you to have the best care available and we’ll make sure you get it. We’ll be here for you from the first time you call, throughout your adoption journey and beyond.

We recognize that adoption may not be a perfect solution in every case. However, through our support, guidance and care, we will ensure mothers who choose adoption are able to give their unborn child the best possible life. We guarantee safe, loving homes for every child.
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