Adoption Options for Unplanned Pregnancy

Understanding Adoption

You may have just found out about your pregnancy, or you may have known for a while now. You may be feeling shock, sadness, and fear, maybe a little bit of desperation. You are in a difficult place with difficult decisions that lie ahead. These are all normal emotions and feelings. Having a plan for your future and the future of your precious baby can help you feel more at ease with your situation. At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we are always here for you. If you need someone to talk and weigh your options with or someone to help you make an adoption plan customized just for you, we are here 24/7.

Options of Adoption

As you begin to share the news of your unplanned pregnancy with friends and family, they may have opinions about how you should move forward. Some may suggest you have an abortion, and others will think you should parent your child. It can be overwhelming to sort out all your options. In this blog, we will address some of your options and the possible outcomes you may experience.

 Open Adoption

  • In an open adoption, there is communication and contact between all parties: the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child.
  • Birth parents and adoptive parents may share identifying information and have ongoing relationships.
  • Open adoption allows for transparency, exchange of updates, and potential visits between the parties involved.

Closed Adoption

  • In a closed adoption, people typically expect limited to no contact between the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child.
  • Information about the parties involved may remain confidential, and there is no exchange of identifying information.
  • Closed adoption usually involves anonymity. There is typically a lack of ongoing communication between birth and adoptive families.

Semi-Open Adoption

  • Semi-open adoption is a middle-ground approach between open and closed adoptions.
  • Limited contact between the birth parents and adoptive parents is usually facilitated through a third party or agency.
  • Birth parents and adoptive parents may exchange non-identifying information and updates, but personal details are often kept confidential.

Each type of adoption has its unique characteristics and level of openness. This allows birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted children to choose the arrangement that best suits their needs and preferences.

Different Ways to Place Your Baby for Adoption

If you choose adoption for you and your baby, should take care to select the right agency to legally facilitate placement for you. There are as many adoption options as there are expecting mothers. Make sure you receive all the options and support there is for you. When choosing an agency you should know the differences:

Independent Adoptions

Commonly referred to as independent adoptions or private placement adoptions, these include adoptions that are solely facilitated by a lawyer, without involvement from an agency. In these adoptions, the adoptive parents and an expectant parent work directly with an adoption attorney to navigate the legal process of placement. Adoptive parents often connect with birth parents through networking or word of mouth. The attorney facilitates the match and ensures that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities. This option often has very minimal support for a pregnant woman.

Private Licensed Agency Adoption

This option includes agencies licensed by the state to facilitate private adoptions. They work with birth parents to match children with suitable adoptive parents. Located in the state of Utah, A Guardian Angel Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency that works with women and families all over the country. A woman considering adoption for her baby must be in complete control of the adoption plan. It is important that she has control over the process of choosing the family and life she wants for her child. Agencies like ours offer assurance, confidentiality, and protection of expectant mothers and their rights. We provide counseling, home studies, legal services, and support throughout the adoption process including financial support and living expenses for pregnant women before, during, and after the process.

State Foster Care Adoption

These agencies are government entities responsible for managing the foster care system within each state. While their primary focus is on placing children in foster care, they also oversee the adoptions of children already in their care. State foster care agencies often have adoption units or departments that work with prospective adoptive parents interested in adopting children from the foster care system. Birth mothers do not have control over these adoptions as the State takes custody of the child. The State owns the right to decide the family or circumstances into which her child is adopted.

A Guardian Angel Adoptions

Placing a child for adoption is not easy. It is a selfless and honorable decision, blessing you, your child, and the adoptive family. You deserve all the support a great adoption agency can offer you.

If you are an expectant mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you may consider if an adoption plan is right for you. Reach out to our caring staff and they can help you further explore your options. After speaking with us and learning about your adoption options, we can assist you in creating an adoption plan tailored to you. A Guardian Angel Adoptions has served hundreds of expectant mothers experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through any situation you may be facing and help you every step of the way. At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, we want you to know you are never alone.

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