A Guardian Angel Supports Your Need for Adoption

There are many adoption agencies around the country that offer help for an unplanned pregnancy, but no two agencies are the same. 

The last thing you want to worry about is feeling pressured, receiving false information, or not having helpful resources to guide your decisions. The adoption agency you choose should act as the glue that brings all the pieces together and provide support during times of uncertainty. For both expectant mothers and adoptive families, it is important to find an adoption agency that will act as a personal guide throughout your adoption journey. This is what sets A Guardian Angel Adoptions apart from the rest. 

A Guardian Angel Adoptions’ highest priority will always be to provide expecting mothers with the best care and support. We understand the stresses expectant mothers face during pregnancy and provide free services to prepare women and assist them in looking for parents to adopt their baby. We are an agency with your best interests at heart and will provide educational opportunities, legal services, counseling, and more in order to help you confidently make a decision regarding adoption.

Emotional Support:

From your first contact with us, we want you to feel our love and support for you. Whenever you call with questions, you will be in touch with a caring and understanding staff member made up of adoptive mothers and birth mothers. We require this when hiring because we want expectant mothers to feel loved and honored from the first moment you begin to consider adoption as an option for your unplanned pregnancy. 

Our team of women are available 24/7 to answer your questions or just talk. We know what a valuable benefit it is to have a friend available who has already walked the path you are considering. During and after the adoption process, these women and professional counselors are a phone call away. We consider you our family.

Placing your baby for adoption could be the hardest and bravest choice you ever make. Having the right resources available when you learn of an unexpected pregnancy is important to prioritize when exploring adoption agencies. When working with an adoption agency, inquire about the assistance offered and available services. Keep in mind — caring for your mental health is equally as important as your physical health as you begin the process. 

A Guardian Angel Adoptions works to support all expectant mothers. We know how important it is to be able to openly talk about your thoughts and feelings. No mother should feel guilty for considering adoption and should understand how positive the adoption experience can be for both them and their child. A Guardian Angel Adoptions offers expectant mothers counseling to be able to express their thoughts and help them find peace throughout their adoption journey.

We believe, as an expectant mother, you and your child should be well taken care of. We provide many services, including adoption counseling, at no cost to you, before, during, and after placement.

Counseling is an important part of the coping process and is heavily recommended to expectant mothers. Counseling helps expectant mothers process emotions, deal with comments and opinions of others, and prepare her to transition back to life after placement.

Guidance Through the Adoption Process:

As mothers who have adopted our own children, we know how important it is to give you comfort, peace and security in knowing that your child is going to a loving and safe home. A Guardian Angel Adoptions only works with the best adoptive families. 

Every family A Guardian Angel works with has a series of home visits by a licensed social worker to review criminal background and child abuse clearances, medical checks, financial requirements, and complete parenting classes as well as special adoption training. We also remain in close contact with our families after placement to make sure all is well. Once you have created a list of ideal families for your baby, you are on your way to finding the adoptive family you have dreamed about. 

We also understand that choosing an adoptive family may be too difficult or something that you would rather have us do for you. Please don’t feel bad or worry if this is how you are feeling. We help many expectant mothers who need a closed adoption to preserve their privacy and peace. If you choose this option, we will carefully review your desires and choose an amazing family. You can always decide to meet them later if you choose. 

You are in the driver’s seat of your adoption plan. From the family you choose for your baby, to what you want those days in the hospital to look like and the kind of relationship you want with your child after placement — you get to decide. We are simply here to provide any support needed. 

Physical and Financial Support:

An expectant mothers who finds herself needing to give her child to another family does so for many reasons: she may not have the financial means, living situation, or a stable relationship that a child needs to thrive. Our commitment is to help you not only find the family and life you want for your child, but also help you get through this difficult time and back on your feet after the adoption. We offer many free services to help you through this. These services include the following: 

  • Medical care
  • Safe housing and food
  • Pregnancy-related expenses
  • Legal assistance
  • Counseling
  • Communication
  • Education assistance

We love and honor the birth mothers we serve. It is always our privilege to provide the support needed before, during, and after giving their baby up for adoption. During our sixteen years of experience as an adoption agency, we have witnessed hundreds of families come together in love through adoption. 

At A Guardian Angel, we have many services that can give you support. We have birth parent programs uniquely suited to all kinds of situations. We also have amazing staff members, many who are adoptive moms or birth mothers themselves. Because of this, we feel a unique bond with you and the desire for a positive outcome. Our staff wants you to have the best care available and a plan that fits your needs. 

At A Guardian Angel we promise to be here for you from the first time you call throughout your adoption journey and beyond.